South Wales Scorpions v Oldham Roughyeds

Northern Rail Cup
Sunday 19 February 2012

Jamie Rooney places a kick. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 01

Jamie Acton is held. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 02

Curtis Cunningham attacks. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 03

Steve Parry is stopped. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 04

Scorpions defend. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 05

Phil Carleton holds on. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 06

Jamie Acton takes the ball on. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 07

Curtis Cunningham is held. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 08

Joe McKenna finds a gap.Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 09

David James attacks. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 10

Lewis Reece is held. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 11

Dalton Grant runs the ball back. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 12

E Crusaders Paul Ballard is held. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 13

Chris Vitalini makes a break. Ref:Scorpions_Oldham 14
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