Celtic Crusaders RL v Harlequins Academy RL
Friendly Match, Sunday 29th January 2006

The squad line up for a photo. Ref 20060129_1

Lloyd O'Connor is tackled. Ref 20060129_2

Dean Scully (left) and Lee Jones try to prevent a try....Ref 20060129_3

...but the Harlequins player crashes over. Ref 20060129_4

Geraint Davies (left) and Phil Cushion defending. Ref 20060129_5

Chris Vitalini looks for a gap. Ref 20060129_6

Lee Williams gets the ball moving. Ref 20060129_7

Tylan Mafi is tacked. Ref 20060129_8

Paul Morgan tries to break through. Ref 20060129_9

Andy Llewellyn tries to break through. Ref 20060129_10
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