Celtic Crusaders v Sheffield Eagles

Northern Rail Cup
Saturday 16 February 2008

The Crusaders take to the field. (Ref.Celtic_Sheff 01)

Tony Duggan takes on the Eagles defence. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 02)

Ian Webster scores a try. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 03)

Gareth Dean sends out a pass. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 04)

Paul Ballard takes on the Eagles. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 05)

Jordan James makes a break. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 06)

Mark Dalle Cort defends. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 07)

David Tangata-Toa is stopped. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 08)

Jace van Dijk looks for a gap. (Ref.Celtic_Sheff 09)

Mark Lennon fires out a pass. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 10)

Jamie I'Anson looks for support. (Ref.Celtic_Sheff 11)

Paul Ballard has some space. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 12)

Damien Quinn defends. (Ref.Celtic_Sheff 13)

Terry Martin bursts through. (Ref.Celtic_Sheff 14)

No way through for this Eagle. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 15)

Aaron Summers defends. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 16)

Neil Budworth sets up a raid. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 17)

Luke Dyer and Jace defend. (Ref. Celtic_Sheff 18)
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