Crusaders Academy v Hull FC Academy

Valvoline Academy
Sunday 22 August 2010

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull01

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull02

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull03

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull04

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull05

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull06

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull07

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull08

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull09

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull10

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull11

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull12

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull13

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull14

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull15

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull16

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull17

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull18

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull19

Ref: CrusadersAc_Hull20
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