Crusaders RL v Harlequins RL

Engage Super League
Friday 6 August 2010

'All for one, one for all' Crusaders huddle. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 01

Jarrod Sammut makes a break. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 02

Tony Martin looks for a gap. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 03

Clinton Schifkoske is held. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 04

Peter lupton is crunched. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 05

Rhys Hanbury clears his lines. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 06

Will Sharp is blocked. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 07

Will Sharp takes on Luke Dyer. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 08

Jordan James carries. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 09

Jason Chan finds some space. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 10

Jordan James takes on Luke Dorn Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 11

Jamie Thackray looks for a way through. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 12

David mills is held. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 13

Tommy Lee spins out a pass. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 14

Rhys Hanbury takes on Luke Gale. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 15

Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook takes on Hanbury. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 16

Jordan James takes on the defence. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 17

Ryan O'Hara is held. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 18

Lincoln Withers passes to Mark Bryant. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 19

Jason Chan is surrounded. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 20

Mark Bryant on the charge. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 21

Jarrod Sammut is blocked. Ref:Crusaders_Harlequins 22
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