Cardiff Demons v Torfaen Tigers
Saturday 17 June 200

Demons' Jamie Iles launches an attack. Ref: Dem_Tig 01.

Mark Dando looks to stop Chris Williams. Ref: Dem_Tig 02

Andrew 'Kiwi' Bradshaw takes on the defence. Ref: Dem_Tig 03

'You know when you've been Wesleyised!!' Ref Dem_Tig 04

Beili squeezes in at the sticks. Ref: Dem_Tig 05

Chris James looks for a gap. Ref: Dem_Tig 06

Jamie Iles and Neil Jones attack. Ref: Dem_Tig 07

Tigers' Richard Jenkins scores a try. Ref: Dem_Tig 08

Daz White finds some space. Ref: Dem_Tig 09

John Byers and Gareth Jones tackle. Ref: Dem_Tig 10
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