Cymru R.L Launch
Que Pasa bar, Cardiff, 26 April 2006
Crusaders coach John Dixon and Cymru RL President Mike Nicholas
Ref: Launch 1

Cymru R.L patron Dai Watkins and representatives of Blackwood Bulldogs.
Ref: Launch 2

The new Wales R.L kit by Errea.Ref: Launch 3

Welsh Conference member clubs. Ref: Launch 4

The clubs line up with President and Patrons.. Ref: Launch 5

Patrons Dai Watkins and Simon Weston with Mike Nicholas. Ref: Launch 6

The memberclubs and Jase van Dijk of the Crusaders. Ref: Launch 7

Cymru R.L Executive Chairman Mark Rowley. Ref: Launch 8

Cymru R.L Patron Dai Watkins. Ref: Launch 9

Cymru R.L Patron Simon Weston. Ref: Launch 10
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