South Wales Scorpions v Dewsbury Rams

Challenge Cup
Sunday 06 March 2011

Dewsbury take the field. Scorpions_Dewsbury 01

Aled leads out the Scorpions. Scorpions_Dewsbury 02

Rob spice scores for Dewsbury. Scorpions_Dewsbury 03

Andrew Gay defends. Scorpions_Dewsbury 04

Christiaan Roets attacks. Scorpions_Dewsbury 05

Casey Bromilow is stopped. Scorpions_Dewsbury 06

Dewsbury keep the ball alive. Scorpions_Dewsbury 07

Harri Greville tackles. Scorpions_Dewsbury 08

Rob Spicer is floored. Scorpions_Dewsbury 09

Steve Parry looks for support. Scorpions_Dewsbury 10

Hywel Davies helps defend. Scorpions_Dewsbury 11

Andrew Gay finds some space. Scorpions_Dewsbury 12

Aled James attacks. Scorpions_Dewsbury 13

Jordan Tansey is stopped. Scorpions_Dewsbury 14

Robin Lock takes on the defence. Scorpions_Dewsbury 15

Ashley Bateman is swamped. Scorpions_Dewsbury 16

Barrie Phillips looks for a gap. Scorpions_Dewsbury 17

Tom Burnell prepares to pass. Scorpions_Dewsbury 18
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