South Wales Scorpions v Whitehaven RL

Championship 1
Sunday 20 March 2011

Scorpions director Rob Buckley had his head shaved for Comic Relief. Scorpions_Whitehaven 01

Whitehaven take to the field. Scorpions_Whitehaven 02

Captain for the day Ash Bateman leads the team out. Scorpions_Whitehaven 03

Christiaan Roets is held. Scorpions_Whitehaven 04

Steve Parry keeps the momentum going. Scorpions_Whitehaven 05

Ash Bateman tackles Andrew Beattie. Scorpions_Whitehaven 06

Casey Bromilow moves the ball on. Scorpions_Whitehaven 07

Hywel Davies attacks. Scorpions_Whitehaven 08

Andy Gay and Rhodri Lloyd defend. Scorpions_Whitehaven 09

Joe Burke looks for a gap. Scorpions_Whitehaven 10

Curtis Cunningham is wrapped up. Scorpions_Whitehaven 11

Jamie Murphy looks for support. Scorpions_Whitehaven 12

Lee Williams takes on Benson. Scorpions_Whitehaven 13

Neil Dallimore crashes over for a try. Scorpions_Whitehaven 14

Rhodri Lloyd takes on the defence. Scorpions_Whitehaven 15

Loz Wildbore and Lewis Reece stop Benson. Scorpions_Whitehaven 16

Neil Dallimore looks for a way through. Scorpions_Whitehaven 17

Tom Burnell lines up a pass. Scorpions_Whitehaven 18

Jamie Murphy is tackled. Scorpions_Whitehaven 19

Lewis Reece steps on the gas. Scorpions_Whitehaven 20

Semisi Cocker is stopped. Scorpions_Whitehaven 21

Loz Wildbore is held 2 metres from the line. Scorpions_Whitehaven 22

Lewis Reece cuts back inside. Scorpions_Whitehaven 23

Joe Burke runs through for a try. Scorpions_Whitehaven 24
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