Scotland R.L v Wales R.L

Alitalia European Cup
Sunday 10 October 2010

The teams enter the field. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-01

Wales line up for the anthem. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-02

Wales 2010. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-03

Scotland 2010. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-04

Scotland sing their anthem. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-05

Lloyd White bursts through. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-06

Kevin Henderson is held by Alfie. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-07

Danny Brough takes on Jacob Emmitt. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-08

Ben Fisher takes on Elliot Kear. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-09

Jacob Emmitt on the charge. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-10

Elliot Kear runs at the home defence. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-11

Andrew Henderson moves the ball away. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-12

Gil Dudson and Neil Budworth stop Jack Howieson. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-13

Jordan Ross stops Neil Lowe. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-14

Jordan James is held. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-15

Danny Brough stops Jordan Ross. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-16

Gil Dudson takes on Howieson. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-17

Lee Briers launches a crossfield kick. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-18

Rhys Williams collects Briers's kick for a try. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-19

Neil Budworth takes the ball on.Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-20

Danny Jones looks for a runner. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-21

Gareth Thomas is blocked by Sam Barlow. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-22

Lloyd White takes the ball on. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-23

Ben Flower tackles Dale Ferguson. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-24

Aled James is stopped. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-25

Chris Beasley attacks. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-26

Mark Lennon takes on the Scotland defence. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-27

Lee Briers passes. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-28

Jordan James scores a try. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-29

Wales celebrate the win. Ref: Scotland_Wales2010-30
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