Wales v France, Carcassonne, 05 November 2005
European Nations final
The proud fathers (Ref. W_F_01)

Wales take to the field. (Ref. W_F_02)

Anthony Blackwood puts in a big hit (Ref. W_F_03)

Mark Lennon on the attack. (Ref. W_F_04)

Wales's Ian Watson on the attack (Ref. W_F_05)

The Wales players tackled their hearts out (Ref. W_F_06)

Ref. W_F_07

Ref. W_F_08

Ref. W_F_09

France's Julien Rinaldi in action (Ref. W_F_10)

France's Jerome Guisset crosses for a try. (Ref. W_F_11)

Jordan James gets the ball away in the tackle. (Ref. W_F_12)

Wales captain Lee Briers looks for an opening. (Ref. W_F_13)

Ref. W_F_14

Lee Briers is sin-binned by the referee. (Ref. W_F_15).

Adam Hughes is tackled. ((Ref. W_F_16).

Wales kept going forward to the end. (Ref. W_F_17). 

The France captain Julien Rinaldi accepts the trophy. (Ref. W_F_18)

The French team celebrate their victory. (Ref. W_F_19)

The Welsh team collect their runners-up medals. (Ref. W_F_20
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