Wales Under 16 v England Under 15

Friday 21 March 2008

The England team. Ref: Wales_England2008 _01

The Wales team. Ref: Wales_England2008_02

Ref: Wales_England2008_03

Ref: Wales_England2008_04

Ref: Wales_England2008_05

Ref: Wales_England2008_06

Ref: Wales_England2008_07 

Ref:Wales_England 2008_08

Ref: Wales_England2008_09

Ref: Wales_England2008_10

Ref: Wales_England2008_11

Ref: Wales_England2008_12


Ref: Wales_England2008_14



Please note I have images of all the Wales lads receiving their caps
from Mike Nicholas (President of Cymru RL).
Please email me, with the name of the player whose image you may wish to purchase. I will send you a small thumbnail image for identification purposes
and prices/sizes available. Thank you.
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